Walsh Vineyards Management, Inc. , Northern California’s most established complete-service vineyard management company, is rooted in its personal connections between The Walsh Team and the clients and communities it serves.  With a lineage dating back 30 years Walsh is known for its embrace of the best and most efficient client-focused grape growing and winemaking processes and practices.


The Walsh Team

Walsh has a deep bench of employees – technically astute, well-trained, and service-oriented – that play a critical role during both the seasonal growing cycle and the pressures of harvest.  Employees work for both growers and wineries, assuring that services are scheduled according to client need, and not by number.  Walsh is known as an industry leader in sustainable farm management practices.  

Forward Thinking

Walsh has been at the forefront of introducing to clients the new generation of sophisticated technologies, and complex, computer-based equipment to best manage resources, maximize efficiencies, and impact quality within the changing environment of precision agriculture.   The Walsh Connection values its commitment  to its community, and its professional relationships throughout the industry.